If you answered yes to any of these then.. Thousand Tweets is for you!

Over and over we hear customers say "I don't think I have the time to do social media, but I know our business needs it", and "What would I tweet about anyway?"

Thousand Tweets solves these issues, while providing quality, organic tweets designed around your business, your promotions, your coupons, and your events. We know how to make this easy for everyone, and how to make the tweets work well for you, and for your new customers!

After starting our Thousand Tweets campaign for clients, we have consistently seen traffic increases jump much more than ten-fold, and in several cases by 100 times! These are not just traffic spikes, as the traffic has continued high ever since. These results are real. Could you benefit from this type of traffic increase?

We will tweet for you using our process until you have 1000 targeted followers...

For authors who use this to link directly to their Amazon.com pages, we can bring you in an average of 5000 unique visitors every month! Ask us to prove this to you!

If you want us to start creating a custom program just for you, fill out the contact information below and we'll contact you to get the process underway!


Books to Believe In

"Books To Believe In began the Thousand Tweet system to market their books, classes and services. In general, it worked very well and it was interesting to see the consistent, predictable daily results of additional followers and traffic to the website. What we didn't expect is that when we applied this to specific books that we saw the amazing, instant and sustained jump in traffic to the book's Amazon.com pages. Books that were getting less than 5 hits a day suddenly were getting 150-300 hits a day and the sales followed. Many times, after the implementation of Thousand Tweets campaign there were sales events within 24 hours when those specific books hadn't sold in weeks. These campaigns are easy to set up. We train our authors to set their own up and we implement the campaign for them. It's great to get traffic and be seen - and that is extraordinarily important to a book's success. However, the sales figures say it all! The Thousand Tweet system works and it works well!

EJ Thornton at BooksToBelieveIn.com

7 Easy Ways To Earn Extra Money Today

"Our book, 7 Easy Ways To Earn Extra Money Today, saw a big "spike" in sales starting just a day or two after starting its Thousand Tweets campaign. Over the weeks prior we had seen some other small spikes due to our social media and Amazon marketing efforts, but this time was different. The spike was bigger, and it stayed! We absolutely will continue with our Thousand Tweets campaign with this book."

John Clark Craig, coauthor of
7 Easy Ways To Earn Extra Money Today


"We used the Thousand Tweet system to jumpstart our Internet radio station. We at MileHiRadio.com were amazed to see the number of followers that we had almost instantly and how that number grew consistently every day! We were also excited by the way we could utilize the Thousand Tweet system to service our own customers to guarantee them advertising space on Twitter. We perpetually renew our Thousand Tweet program, because it perpetually brings us in followers, listeners and customers. It is a great concept and a great system! "

Hoss at MileHiRadio.com

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